Bone confetti was the winner of the 2015 noemi press book award for poetry. to review the book or learn more, please check out the press release here.


Here's what others have to say:


"As much as you may suspect that Leung is possessed, you also feel that she is in control of every word she places on the page. The poems can be cool and feverish. They can be funny, odd, opaque. We cannot see through them to her, and why should we? She isn’t trying to tell stories, because grief explodes them."

- John yau reviews bone confetti in hyperallergic


"Poet Muriel Leung learned early that language went hand in hand with power.

Growing up as a non-native English speaker in Queens, New York, Leung spoke Cantonese with her family. But at school, she began to understand that learning English involved new types of power exchanges."

- corinne segal, pbs newshour interview